20000tpd iron ore beneficiation plant
20000tpd iron ore beneficiation plant

Sinonine technician team helped clients set up this production line and it is designed to be 15000tpd, and the Capacity can be expanded 20000tpd. Sinonine provided plant Engineering, Procurement and Construction services including  mineral processing test, Mineral processing solution, Machinery supply, Plant design, Civil engineering, construction and Commissioning.

1.Iron ore properties

The ores of this project include four types, magnetite quartzite, pyroxene magnetite quartzite, magnetite pyroxene quartzite, hematite magnetite quartzite, and magnetite quartzite. The iron minerals in the ore are mainly magnetite, followed by false hematite. Gangue minerals are mainly quartz, diopside, hypersthene, followed by a variety of garnet, amphibole, biotite, in addition to a small amount of apatite, zircon, spinel and carbonate minerals.

The ore has a crystalloblastic structure, and the medium and coarse grains are the main ones in the black belt. The grade of 2-0.3mm accounts for about 50%, and the grade of more than 0.074mm accounts for 80-90%. Most of the pseudomorphic hematite is greater than 0.07 mm. The grain size of diopside is 0.2-0.15mm, and it is a semi-idiomorphic crystal. The granule size of purpurinite is 0.3-0.5mm.The grain size of quartz in the light color band is 0.2-0.5mm, which is interlaced like canine teeth.


The ore structure is dominated by strip and coarse stripe, and the oxidized ore is mostly distributed near the surface oxidized zone and the fault fracture zone of ore body. With the change of mining depth, the amount of oxidized ore decreases gradually. The chemical composition of the ore is mainly iron and silicon, and the content of harmful impurities is very low. The iron grade is between 24-32% and 26.71% on average. See table 1 for multi-element analysis of ores, table 2 for mineral composition of ores, The results of monomer dissociation determination of minerals are shown in table 3.

Table 1. ore multi element analysis

ore multi element analysis

Table 2. mineral composition of the ore

mineral composition of the ore

Table 3. The degree of monomer dissociation of minerals

The degree of monomer dissociation of minerals

The hardness of the ore is 12-14, the rock hardness is 8-10, the mineral density is 3.1-3.2t/m3, and the density of the rock is 2.7t/m3. The loose coefficient of ore and rock is 1.5. The humidity of the ore is generally 0.1-0.2%, and the maximum is 0.38%.

2.Technical processing

The crushing and screen processing is shown in Figure 1, and the beneficiation processing is shown in figure 2.

crushing and screen processing

Figure1. crushing and screen flowchart

beneficiation processing flowchart

Figure2. beneficiation processing flowchart

3.Main equipments

The equipment used in this plant is like table 4.

Table 4.Main equipments list

beneficiation equipments

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