1800tpd Tin Ore Beneficiation Plant
1800tpd Tin Ore Beneficiation Plant

Sinonine set up this Tin ore beneficiation plant for customers. Sinonine provided plant Engineering, Procurement and Construction services. The production capacity of the beneficiation plant is 1800tpd, it is for cassiterite polymetallic sulfide ore.

1. Tin Ore properties

The ore processed by this plant is a high temperature hydrothermal cassiterite polymetallic sulfide ore. The main metal minerals are pyrrhotite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, cassiterite, ferrosphalerite, scheelite, natural bismuth and so on. Gangue minerals are mainly pyroxene, calcite, quartz and so on. Ore  hardness 10-12, density 3.8 t/m3,  bulk density (loose)  2.2 t/m3, angle of repose 35 to 38 °, ore moisture 4%.


In the early stage of actual running, the content of sulfide in the raw ore is about 50%, among which pyrrhotite is the main one. With the increase of mine depth, the grade of tin has decreased from 0.8% to 0.4-0.5%, tungsten from 0.14% to 0.07%, copper from 0.6% to 0.3-0.4%, zinc from 1.2% to 0.5-0.9%, and sulfur from 19% to 9%. However, the ore mud content increased year by year, with the grain size less than 0.074mm increasing from 6.8% to 13%.


Cassiterite in pyrrhotite, fluorite, pyroxene block, appears as irregular granular or incomplete crystal, particle size is generally 0.0085~0.14mm. There are also a small number of aggregates composed of cassiterite crystals, granule size up to 3mm. Pyrrhotite is mainly irregular bulk. There are often pyroxene, fluorite, calcite, chalcopyrite and so on. Chalcopyrite shows irregular granular or better crystals in pyroxene and pyrrhotite blocks, some of which are combined with calcite and fluorite, and some of the chalcopyrite with particle size of 0.01-4mm are among pyroxene crystals, showing irregular reticular, vein-like or lattice-like, with vein width of 0.017-3mm, generally 0.05-0.12mm, and monomer only appears when the grain size is less than 0.15mm.


Tungsten minerals are mainly scheelite minerals with fine crystal size and monomer only appears when the size is less than 0.074mm. The natural bismuth is found in magnetite as a fine particle with a particle size of 0.003~0.04mm. Sphalerite in magnetite, fluorite, pyroxene block in an irregular granular form,  particle size of 0.05-0.075mm.

The analysis of multiple elements in the raw mineral is shown in Table 1. The mineral composition of the ore is shown in Table 2

Table 1. The analysis of multiple elements in the raw mineral

tin ore beneficiation

Table 2. mineral composition of the ore

tin ore

2.mineral processing

The crushing and screening stage of this production line is three stage crushing with single closed circuit stage. Later, due to the change of ore properties, the water content of mud increases, which affects the normal operation of ore transportation, ore unloading, screening and other equipment. Later, ore washing measures are added.


The combined process of flotation, Gravity separation and flotation is adopted in the processing. Practice has proved that this process is very suitable for treating fine - grained cassiterite polymetallic sulfide ore. Except for the recovery of metals such as tin, copper and tungsten; At the same time, bismuth, sulfur and zinc are recovered synthetically. The natural bismuth of the associated metal is dispersed in various products and middling products. According to the characteristics that the density of natural bismuth is higher than that of magnetite, bismuth concentrate with a taste of 12.83% and a recovery rate of 4.3% can be obtained by shaking tables  via selecting bismuth from sulfur concentrate and desulphurization product separated by tin and tungsten.

About 75% of zinc is concentrated in froth products of full flotation of copper and sulfur. Through the separation of copper and sulfur,36% of zinc goes into copper concentrate and 39% into sulfur concentrate. Zinc concentrate with grade of 30% and recovery rate of 21% can be obtained by concentrated zinc. Production practice shows that when the zinc grade of raw ore is above 0.7%, the final concentrate required by smelting can be recovered.

3.main equipments

According to the needs of the production process, the suitable equipment is configured, and the actual operation is smooth and the maintenance is convenient. List of main equipment table 3.

Table3.List of main equipment

Tin ore equipments

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