Bolivia 150TPD Gold Ore Flotation Beneficiation Plant
Bolivia 150TPD Gold Ore Flotation Beneficiation Plant

The mineral processing plant is designed by Sinonine company, the design scale is 120tpd, the actual production capacity is 150tpd, and the annual processing capacity of ore is 45000Mt. This production line uses flotation method to produce gold concentrate as the final product.

1.General layout

The plnat is arranged in a relatively flat and wide mountain trench in the middle of the mining area, 180m long and 50m wide. Mineral processing plant land area (including Water tank) 8324m2. The plant is mainly composed of ore yard, crushing workshop, main workshop, pressure filtration workshop, power distribution room, reagent warehouse, office and living areas. The elevation of the natural terrain of the plant is between 430m and 450m, and the vertical design adopts the terrace type according to the plane layout. From north to south, the designed elevation of the platform of the ore yard, the platform of the crushing workshop, the platform of the main workshop and the platform of the pressure filtration workshop are respectively 447.15m, 440.00m, 436.40m and 434.50m. The earthwork volume is: 6100m3 for excavation and 2200m3 for filling. FIG. 1 shows the general layout of the plant

gold ore beneficiation plant general layout

Figure1.Gold ore beneficiation plant general layout

2. Technical Process

FIG. 2 shows the process flow chart of the production line, in which crushing and screening, grinding and classifying, flotation and dewatering are arranged in a series, and the final process flow is as follows:

gold ore beneficiation plant flowsheet ore beneficiation plant flowsheet

1Crushing&screening process

Crushing and screening circuit adopts Two stage crushing with one closed-circuit , check the screening process before secondary crushing and grinding, raw ore input size  is – 300 mm, raw ore fed by feeder into the jaw crusher for primary crushing, then transported by belt conveyor to vibrating screen, coarse materials on the screen transported by belt conveyor to cone crusher for secondary crushing, after it the material return to vibrating screen for screening, form a closed circuit, undersize (-15 mm) sent to the grinding ore bin. FIG. 3 shows the equipment configuration diagram of the crushing and screening workshop.

crushing& screening workshop.

Figure 3 Crushing& screening workshop

2Grinding &classifing process

The grinding &classification is made up of grid ball mill and classifier forming a closed cycle. The grinding fineness is -0.074mm, accounting for 65%. Overflow of Classifier  enters into the flotation machine  for roughing flotation.

ball mill and classifier

Figure 4.ball mill  and spiral classifier

3Flotation Process

Flotation process is adopted in this production line. The flotation machine adopts one roughing, three cleaning and two scavenging flotation process. The grinding slurry enters rougher flotation, the gold concentrate is obtained by three times of

cleaning flotation to the froth of roughing, and the tailings successively return previous operation. The tailings after roughing enters scavenging flotation and the concentrate return previous operation. The tailings after flotation are transported to the tailings pond. FIG. 5 shows the equipment configuration diagram of the ball mill, classifying and flotation workshop.

grinding &flotation workshop arrangement

Fig5.grinding &flotation workshop arrangement

4Dewatering process

After thickening cones the gold concentrate is dewatered by disk filters, and the water content of the concentrate is less than 20%.

4.Water supply and drainage

Total project water consumption Q=325.84m3/d=13.58m3/h,

Among them:

1. Circulating water consumption Q=282.96m3/d=11.79m3/h;

2. Supplemental water consumption Q=29.76m3/d=1.24m3/h;

3. Domestic water consumption Q=10m3/d=0.42m3/h;

4. Unforeseen water quantity Q=3.12m3/d=0.13m3/h;

5. Outdoor fire water consumption is 20L/s, fire frequency is once, duration is two hours, total fire water consumption is 144m3.

FIG. 6 shows the water balance diagram.


gold ore beneficiation plant water balance

Figure 6. gold ore beneficiation plant water balance flowsheet

5. Main equipments list

The production line is equipped with reasonable equipment according to the design process. The equipment is installed smoothly and the operation is good. The main equipment is shown in the table below.

main equipments list

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