VSI crusher
VSI crusher

VSI crusher is the latest successful crushing machine with the international advanced technology. Many years techonolgy accumulation and morden processing equipment ensure the leading position of the VSI crusher in this industry. Excellent cost performance and reliability make VSI crusher outstanding in the similar products. VSI scrusher is the perfect combination of the latest research result of Germany and Chinese present working conditions. It is currently the exclusive production sand making machine with the worlds advanced level. VSI crusher is suitable for crushing and shaping soft or middle-hard or extremely hard materials, widely applied to pebble, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, dolerite, andesite), iron ore tailings, artificial sand making of stone chips. It is also applied to water conservancy and hydropower of engineering field, high-grade highways, expressway and railway, passenger railway, bridge, airport pavement, municipal engineering, sand manufacturing and aggregated rock shaping.

Structure of VSI crusher

VSI crusher consists of machine body, feed pipe, impact plate, vertical axis, rotor and motor and so on (Figure 1).


Figure1.VSI crusher structure

Made of special high chromium cast iron in the impact plate is installed inside the machine body, strong wear resistance, without bolt fastening, convenient replacement. On both sides of the material input port, an air circulation device is installed to circulate the wind generated by the rotor rotation in the circulation device to reduce the amount of dust discharged outside. The rotor is equipped with a wear-resistant cushion plate to increase the life span and reduce the number of the worn parts of the mechanical body, and also reduce the operating cost. The high speed rotating rotor has adjusted the balance, thus realizing low noise and low vibration.

The material to be bcrushed from the top of the crusher is put into the center of the rotor at the high speed. The falling material is driven out at high speed under the powerful centrifugal force of the rotor, and the counterattack board that hits the inside of the main engine is broken. When the counterattack board is installed, the thrown material and the counterattack board are struck at a right angle to make better breaking performance. The crushed material is discharged from the lower part of the crusher.

Technical features of VSI crusher

VSI crusher is a crushing equipment developed with stone to stone working principle. It is a suitable equipment for ultra fine and artificial sand making. The equipment has the following notable features:

1) The operation is reliable. The deposit guide plate is used to make the material more stable. To improve the driving system, the vibration level of the operation is greatly reduced and the stability of operation is improved.

2) The crushing efficiency is maximized. The scientific feeding system makes the bypass flow uniformly distributed along the crushing chamber, and the material flow is more stable. Improve the passing ability of the rotor

3) Low energy consumption. Improving the design of wear parts, reducing the weight of worn parts, making the rotor dynamic balance easier and running more smoothly. Reduce the number of wear parts.

4) Convenient maintenance. The size of the inspecting hole is increased to facilitate the replacement of the rotor wear-resistant parts. A large number of fastener fasteners are used to facilitate the disassembly and disassembly of wear parts. The semi-automatic grease lubrication system is used to facilitate the maintenance.

Specification of VSI crusher


      Simple and reasonable structure, low cost
      High crushing ratio, energy saving
      Fine crush and grind
      Moisture content of raw material up to about 8%
      Suitable for crushing hard material
      Excellent shape of final product
      Small abrasion, easy maintenance
      Noise when working is below 75dB

The materials fall into impeller with high-speed rotation vertically. On the force of high-speed centrifugal, the materials strike to the other part of material in a high speed. After mutual impacting, the materials will strike and rub between the impeller and the casing and then be discharged straight from the lower portion to form a closed multiple cycles. Final product is controlled by screening equipment to meet the requirement.


Any change of technical parameters, there is no further notice.

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