Jig is a equipment that uses the vertical flow of pulsation to make the selected minerals loose and separate according to the different density. There are a wide variety of jigs, of which the sawtooth jigger is the most widely used.

The pulsating characteristic curve of sawtooth wave jig is sawtooth waveform (i.e. differential jigging curve), which can make the cone quickly rise and slow down, that is, the quick pressure and slow suction.

The pressure first half section is accelerated, the second half is slow rise, the absorption process is uniform decline. This curve accords with the stratification rule of jigging bed in theory, helps to loose the ore bed in the bed and the density of the ore particles is stratified according to the density. It can make the heavy mineral particles in the grain size fully settle, and reduce the supply water of the sieve under the strong suction of the bed.

The characteristic of the jig with differential pulse curve is that it can separate raw materials with wide grain size, improve the sorting ability, increase the recovery rate and save water (the water consumption is 1/3 to 2/3 of the traditional jig). sawtooth jigger is a major development of jigging equipment.

The JT sawtooth jigger is composed of a slot bolt, a pillar, a chassis, an electromagnetic speed motor, a coupling and a cam box. The cone bucket is connected to the cam box through the connecting block, and the rubber ore drain pipe is discharged under the cone bucket and can discharge the ore continuously. Figure 1 is the structure of the JT-0.57 jig, and the figure 2 is the structure of the JT-2 and JT-5 jig


Figure1.JT-0.57 jig

1.jigging chamber ; 2.screen frame ; 3.screen mesh;4.support frame ; 5. Diaphragm6. Pulsating cone;7.spring; 8. Cam box; 9. Electromagnetic motor


Figure2.JT-2JT-5 jig

1.jigging chamber ; 2.screen frame ; 3.screen mesh;4.press frame ; 5. Diaphragm; 6.spring; 7. Cam box; 8. Electromagnetic Speed Regulating Motor

Specification of Jig


      Stroke and jig frequency are easy to adjust, the advanced frequency conversion speed control technology is convenient to operate and manage.

      Small cover area, high processing capacity per unit area.

      Large processing capacity, be suitable for a wide range of particle size.

Jig is revised and manufactured based on the stratified theory and the adequate analysis of other conventional jigs. The jigging pulsation curve produced by sawtooth wave jig is in the shape of sawtooth wave which makes upward water flow quicker than downward water flow. The feature that upward time is shorter than downward time solves the problem that time and action of upward and downward water flows. This breakthrough dramatically amplifies the loose degree and mitigates suction action, which facilitates precipitation of coarse ores and improves ore recovery rate


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