XCF flotation machine
XCF flotation machine

XCF flotation machine is not only a general air mixing type flotation machine of good flotation technical index and low energy consumption, but also can be horizontal layout to reduce the beneficiation process complexity and infrastructure investment. KYF type flotation machine is not provided with self-priming function and is usually used together with XCF flotation machine, which is widely used in non-ferrous metal, black metal and chemical industry, and have produced remarkable economic benefits.

Structure of XCF flotation machine

XCF flotation machine is mainly used in combination with KYF flotation machine. It is used for pulp absorption. Its structure and working principle are similar to KYF flotation machine. The difference is that XCF can self absorb pulp. The structure difference between XCF and KYF is shown as Figure 1.

XCF flotation machine

Figure1. Compare between XCF and KYF flotation machine

Technical features of XCF flotation machine

The XCF floatation machine has the following notable features:

1) less energy consumption;

2) the air is well dispersed;

3) the impeller plays the role of centrifugal pump, so that the solid can be suspended in the groove.

4) low wear and maintenance, low maintenance cost;

5) can be started with load;

6) less drug consumption;

7) the structure is simple and the maintenance is easy.

8) U - shaped tank, reducing the short circuit cycle;

9) advanced slurry liquid level control system, easy to operate and manage.


XCF often forms a joint unit with KYF, as shown in Figure 2.

XCF flotation machine

Specification of XCF Flotation machine


      The impeller has upper and lower blades to form slurry suction zone and aeration zone respectively.

      Self-priming slurry, can be horizontal layout and arrangement.

      Aeration volume is easily adjustable.

      Low speed, low consumption.

      Concentrate taste improved, recovery rate increased.

      Less reagent consumption, wearing parts with long cycle.

      Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

      Often combined with KYF flotation machine.

When rotating impeller, the impeller blades suck feeding and middling, the slurry in tank is drawn from the lower end of the impeller to the lower blades of the impeller, at the same time, the low pressure air by the blower is fed, through distributor, into the impeller blades, slurry and air are well mixed between lower blades of impeller, then discharged from the periphery of blades, so the discharged slurry-air mixture together with discharged slurry from upper blades, after stators’ stabilization and orientation effect which are installed around impellers, enter into the main slurry of tank, mineralized bubbles rise to the surface of tank and forming foam layer.


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