SF flotation machine
SF flotation machine

SF type flotation machine integrates the characteristics of the existing flotation machine in China, and is a kind of energy saving and efficient self aspirated flotation machine. The machine has the features of horizontal configuration, self-sucking air, self-priming slurry, self-return of middling foam etc, the ancillary equipment is not needed. Compare with type A flotation machine, energy consumption of single-capacity type is saved by15% ~ 25%, the use cycle the wearing parts is double extended. It is suitable for non-ferrous, black and non-metallic mineral separation.

Structure of SF flotation machine

The structure of the SF type floatation machine is shown in Figure 1, mainly composed of the tank body, the spindle unit with the impeller, the motor, the scraper and the transmission device.

SF flotation machine

Figure1.SF flotation machine

1- belt wheel; 2- suction pipe; 3- center tube: 4- main shaft;5- tank cover; 6-cover; 7-impeller; 8- tube; 9- pseudosubstrat;10- up blade;11- lower blade;  12-impeller pan

When the SF type floatation machine works, the motor drives the spindle through the V belt to rotate the impeller in the lower part of the motor. The main feature of the flotation machine is shown on the impeller. The impeller has a backward inclined double side blade, which can realize the double circulation of the pulp in the groove. When the impeller rotates, the slurry in the upper and lower impeller chamber produces centrifugal force under the action of the upper and lower blades, namely the main and auxiliary blades, and is thrown to the periphery, so that a negative pressure area is formed in the upper and lower impeller cavity. At the same time, the pulp on the top of the cover plate is sucked to the upper impeller cavity through the circulation hole on the cover plate to form the pulp circulation. The impeller is thrown out of the pulp than the blade throwing out three-phase mixture proportion, thus a large centrifugal force, velocity attenuation is slower, and the three-phase mixture out of the blade generates additional driving force, the centrifugal force is increased, thereby improving the impeller cavity vacuum play auxiliary suction effect. When the lower blade throws out the pulp around, the lower pulp is replenish to the center, thus forming the lower circulation of the pulp. The air is sucked into the upper impeller cavity through the suction pipe and the central cylinder, and is mixed with the pulp of the aspirated person, forming a large number of small bubbles. After stabilizing the flow through the cover plate, the air is evenly dispersed in the tank to form mineralized bubbles. The mineralized bubble floats to the foam layer and is scraped out from the scraper, which is the foam product.

Technical features of SF flotation machine

The SF floatation machine has the following remarkable characteristics:

1The suction volume is large and the energy consumption is small.

2It has the ability of self - sucking air, self - sucking pulp, level configuration and no foam pump.

3The impeller circumferential velocity is low, the wear parts are easy to use, the clearance between the impeller and the cover plate is larger, and the gap between the impeller and the cover plate is less affected by the gap because of the wear.

4The slurry in the trough is circulate up and down in a fixed flow way, which is beneficial to the suspension of the coarse grain minerals.

The dimension of SF flotation machine is shown in Figure 2

SF flotation machine

Figure2. SF flotation machine dimension

Specification of SF Flotation machine


      Large air suction volume, low power consumption.

      Long service life of wear parts.

      Each tank with air suction, slurry suction and flotation function does not need any accessory equipment to form flotation circle, which is convenient for process flow changing.

      The reasonable slurry circulation minimizes coarse sand sediments, and is conducive to flotation of coarse particle.

      Auto-control device of slurry volume, convenient adjustment.

      Impeller with backward style upper and lower leaf, the upper blade generates upper circulation; the lower blade generates lower circulation.

      Mechanical stirring, self- air suction, self-slurry suction.

When the flotation machine works, the motor drives the impeller to revolve, so the centrifugal effect and negative pressure are produced. On one hand, ample air is absorbed and mixed with mineral slurry, on the other hand, the mixed mineral slurry is mingled with additive, meanwhile, the foams are thinning, the mineral is bounded with foams, and floats up to the surface of mineral slurry and the mineralized foam is formed. The liquid surface can be adjusted with the height of adjustment flashboard, so that the useful foams are scraped with squeegee.


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