Vertical high gradient magnetic separator
Vertical high gradient magnetic separator

The separation principle of high gradient magnetic separators is to set up magnetic media such as steel wool and steel net in the uniform magnetic field produced by the iron solenoid, so that it can be magnetized and produce highly non-uniform magnetic field on the radial surface, that is, the magnetization field of high gradient. Therefore, in the background field is not too high, can produce high magnetic force, gravity magnetic paramagnetic material by a product with applied magnetic field and field gradient in the magnetic field will be proportional to the use of the high gradient non-uniform magnetic field can micro-particle material separation to separation of magnetic separator the extremely weak, and greatly reduce the minimum separation size (to 1um), improving the separation index.

Structure of vertical high gradient magnetic separator

The structure of the high gradient magnetic separator is shown in Figure 2. It is mainly composed of a pulsating mechanism, excitation coil, yoke and swivel etc.. Swivel with ordinary stainless steel processing 1 central plate, 2 side plates and 74 trapezoidal baffle ring surrounded by a total of 74 double separation chamber. Each sorting room is made up of 1.0mm * 4mm * 12mm magnetically conductive stainless steel plate net and 0.7mmX10mm5mm ordinary stainless steel big hole mesh alternately to form a magnetic medium stack. The filling rate of magnetic conductive network and large hole mesh is 12% and 3.2% respectively. Don't choose, swivel rotates clockwise, the pulp from the feeding hopper into, along the upper yoke slot through the swivel, pulp of magnetic particles in the magnetic adsorption medium surface, with no magnetic field to the top by ring area, by flushing water into the concentrate bucket; nonmagnetic particles along the slit flow into the lower yoke tailingshopper away.

high gradient magnetic separator

Figure1. structure of vertical high gradient magnetic separator

 1. pulse mechanism; 2. excitation coil; 3. yoke; 4. swivels; 5. feed bucket; 6. rinsing bucket; 7. concentrate flushing device: 8.: 9. ore concentrate hopper bucket; 10 tailings bucket; 11. level gauge; 12. swivel drive; 13. frame;F.ore feeding; W.fresh water; C. Concentrate. M. Middlings; T.Tailings 

3.separation principle

When the excitation coil DC, generating a magnetic field in the separation zone, located in the surface of a magnetic medium separation region of inhomogeneous magnetic field that generates high gradient magnetic field; swivel clockwise rotation, the magnetic medium is sent into and out of the separation zone; pulp from the feed bucket feeding, along the upper yoke to the separation chamber ring slit flow the. Figure 2 shows the separation process of the material through a rod - shaped magnetic medium.

Under the action of gravity and pulsating fluid force, the nonmagnetic particles pass through the polymagnetic medium heap and flow along the slot of the iron yoke and flow into the tailings bucket. The magnetic particles adsorbed on the magnetic medium rod surface, with swivel rotation in the magnetic field used in cleaning and rinsing water is brought to the ring at the top no magnetic field, by flushing water into the concentrate bucket; the machine adopts a vertical swivel rotation, for each group of magnetic media, magnetic concentrate and direction to wash in the opposite direction, coarse particles do not have to go through the magnetic medium stack can be washed out.

The pulsating mechanism of the machine drives the pulps to pulsate, so that the ore particles cluster in the magnetic media pile of the sorting area is kept loose, and the magnetic ore particles are easier to be captured, so that the non-magnetic mineral particles can enter the tailings as soon as they pass through the magnetic medium stack. The pulsation of the recoil concentrate and the pulp can prevent the magnetic medium from blocking, and the pulsation separation can improve the quality of the magnetic concentrate. 

separation process

Figure2.separation process

Figure1. installation method of RCDD type iron remover

1.non magnetic roller2.power supply leads3.adjusting bolt4.belt conveyor5.material

Specification of Vertical high gradient magnetic separator 


      its separation ring is designed to be vertical, concentrate ore is discharged by reverse flow and also with separation pulse device.

      Powerful magnetic force, reliable and convenience performance.

      Simple installation and easy to maintain.

Magnetic yoke fixed on the machine frame, which generate the strong magnetic field together with exciting coil. Rotary ring is in the clockwise drived by the rotary device, and goes through the magnetic field slowly. There are many separation boxes on the outer circle of the rotary ring, there is the multi-layer magnetic medium which is made of magnetic material inside the separation box. When the rotary ring goes though the magnetic field, it would be magnetized, and formed the high gradient magnetic field. In the mineral processing, the mine slurry goes into the rotary ring along with the gap of the magnetic pole, and the magnetic particle would be attracted in the magnetic medium surface, revolving to the non-magnetic area. The magnetic particle would be put into the concentrate tank, and the non-magnetic material goes into the tailing tank along the lower magnetic yoke gap.

Compared with the flat ring rotary pattern, vertical ring moving direction is opposed to the concentrate ore discharging direction. This design could avoid the big particle size blocking in the gap of the magnetic medium, and it would be put into the tailing tank. The problem of blocking of the high gradient magnetic separation is solved.


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