Electromagnet Iron Remover
Electromagnet Iron Remover

RCDD serial electromagnet iron remover is removing iron equipment with strong magnet field generated by the excitation coil.The series separators can be use with belt conveyors, vibration conveyors etc. to remove 0.1 - 25Kg magnetic objects from non-magnetic materials purify and grade up the materials and on the same time recover various kinds of magnetic objects. They can keep grinders and crushers and conveyer belts etc of transport equipment normal work. This series products can be widely used in power, metallurgical, mining, ceramic, chemical, glass, paper-making, architectural materials, sugar-making and food, cement, wash coal etc. industries.

The installation method of RCDD type iron remover is shown in Figure 1. the general drawing of RCDD series iron remover is shown in figure 2.

iron remover

Figure1. installation method of RCDD type iron remover

1.non magnetic roller2.power supply leads3.adjusting bolt4.belt conveyor5.material

permanent iron remover

Figure2.RCDD permanent iron remover

Specification of Electromagnet Iron Remover


      Adopt special technology to control temperature rising thus to ensure main data IN which determines performance of the iron remover unchanged, add number N of turn of the coil, reduce current density I so as to largely reduce heating of coil and prolong service life of the iron remover.

      The magnetic field is distributed reasonable, affect depth larger.

      Safe function better. It can control working state of the device at any time.

      The driving of iron-removing belt adopts cycloid needle wheel reducer so it has advantages of reliable operation, convenient adjustment and simple 


When the belt conveys materials passing under the iron remover, the iron and magnetic objects mixed in the materials, with the effect of strong magnetic field, will be adsorbed to removing-iron belt and thrown to box of collect iron due to its gravity and inertia, thus reach purpose of auto-removing iron continuously .


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