Spiral conveyor
Spiral conveyor

Spiral conveyor is mainly used for conveying powdery, granular and small lump materials, such as pulverized coal, carbon black, soda ash, reclaimed rubber powder, Zinc Oxide, calcium carbonate and small lump coal. It is not suitable for transporting materials that are perishable, sticky and easy to lump. Compared with other conveying equipment, screw conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, small cross section size, good sealing performance, multiple loading and unloading in the middle, safe and convenient operation, and low manufacturing cost. The suitable environment temperature of the screw conveyor is -20 to 50 C; the material temperature is less than 200 ; the inclination of the conveyor is <20 , and the length of the conveyer is generally less than 40m, and the longest not more than 70m.

Structure of spiral conveyor

The spiral conveyer is composed of three parts, which are the main body, the inlet & outlet and the driving device. The spiral conveyer body consists of the head bearing, the tail bearing, the suspension bearing, the spiral, the casing and the base. The driving device consists of a motor, a reducer, a coupling and a base. 


Spiral blade

The spiral blade of the spiral conveyer has the solid face type, the belt face type and the leaf face type. The solid spiral surface is called S method and its spiral pitch is 0.8 times the diameter of the blade. It is suitable for conveying powder and granular materials. The belt spiral surface is also called the D method. The screw pitch is the same as the diameter of the spiral blade. It is suitable for conveying the powder and small pieces of material. The leaf face type is suitable for transporting the material with large viscosity and compressibility, and can also complete the mixing and mixing processes at the same time, with less application. 


Spiral blade of the spiral conveyer

 asolid face type;(bbelt face type;(cleaf face type

Specification of spiral conveyer


      Simple structure, small cross section size, good seal, reliable operation, low manufacturing cost.

      Convenience of intermediate loading and unloading, transportation direction can reverse, can also be transmitted at the same time two opposite direction.

      For material in the process of conveying stirring, mixing, heating and cooling operations.

When the material adding machine in the fixed groove, the friction material and the gravity trough, accumulation in the lower part of the slot machine material with rotating, but only in the rotating spiral blade driven by moving forward, as the rotation of the nut is not rotating screw for translational motion, and achieve the delivery the purpose of material.


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