Belt feeder

The belt feeder is a general purpose feeding device. It is used for metallurgy, coal, water and electricity departments to transport bulk, granular and other bulk materials with a specific gravity of 0.5 to 2.5t/m3. It can also be used for transporting products. Suitable for working environment temperature between -15 C to +40 C, when transporting materials with acid, alkaline, oil and organic solvents, oil resistant and acid resistant rubber belts or plastic bands shall be used.

Structure of belt feeder

The belt feeder is composed of the transmission part,  belt, roller, frame, drum and so on, as shown in Figure.

belt feeder

Figure 1. belt feeder

 1. bend pulley2.belt3.upper roller4.roller support5.frame6.lower roller7.driving drum8.transmission part

Main device

1. Belt

Two kinds of rubber belt and plastic belt are conveyed. The rubber belt is recommended to use the vulcanized joint, so that the strength of the joint can reach the strength of the rubber belt itself 85~90%. The mechanical joint is connected by the card. The strength of the joint is 35~40% of the strength of the rubber belt itself. It is suitable for the situation where the maintenance time is short. The plastic belt not only has the advantages of wear-resisting, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance, especially in the places where the temperature changes are small, such as mine roadway and so on.

2. Transmission device

As a unit, the transmission device consists of a motor, a reducer, a pin coupling, a cross slide coupler and a protective cover. When the motor power is less than 100 kilowatts, the shaft pin coupling shall be used for the high-speed shaft, and the powder shaft coupling shall be used for the high speed shaft at 115~185 kilowatt hour, and the cross sliding block coupling shall be adopted at the low speed shaft.

3. driving drum

The drive drum is welded structure of steel plate and adopts rolling bearing. The drum is divided into three kinds, which are glossy surface, adhesive and casting drum. The smooth surface drum can be used in the case of low power and small ambient temperature. The rubber surface drum should be used in the condition of wet environment, high power and easy skidding.

4. Roller

The top roller is divided into two kinds of groove and flat type. The groove roller is generally used in transporting bulk materials, with a groove angle of 30 degrees.The flat roller used for hand conveyor and transporting packaged material. The lower roller is flat. In order to prevent and overcome the deviation of the conveyer belt, automatic adjusting roller can be used. Groove type rollers are arranged as in figure 2.


Figure2. Groove type rollers arrangement

Specification of Belt feeder



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      It has two methods to adjust the production capacity, adjusting the rotating speed of the AC motoro or the depth of the adjusting gate.

      Low power consumption, convenient operation.

      Convenient installation, large conveying capacity.

      Low working noise.

Materials are delivered to the belt feeder through the feed hopper, belt moves forward slowly as the rotation of ac speed regulating motor, materials are conveyed to next process and continuous feeding is achieved.