Vacuum filter
Vacuum filter

Disc vacuum filter is a kind beneficiation equipment by using vacuum as filtering power, making the slurry solid-liquid separation. The filter is suitable for the filtration and dewatering of fine granular materials such as metal ore, non-metallic minerals, environmental protection sludge, cement, building materials and other industries.Disc vacuum filter makes full use of the advantages of similar products. According to the characteristics of metal mineral density, fast sedimentation, solid particles in the filtrate of filter tube with strong impact, it optimized the overall performance and reliability between the various components of the filter plate and it has firm structure, smooth operation, automatic transmission, strong stirring, shaft seal reliable, wear-resistant ceramic filter,  its filter fan having high strength and large porosity, its filter cloth having high strength, smooth surface and high filter cake discharge rate with a long service life, which obtained good index of metal mineral dehydration in solid liquid separation.

Working principle of disc vacuum filter

The filter disc slowly rotates in the pulp tank. With the help of the pressure difference formed by the vacuum pump, the solid particles are adsorbed on the filter cloth of the disc, forming a certain thickness of filter cake. Filtrate is discharged through the center shaft through filter cake and filter cloth. The filter cake falls from the filter cloth and falls into the filter cake grooves under the action of the pressure wind produced by the scraper and the blower. The working principle of the disc vacuum filter is like Figure 1.

disc vacuum filter

Figure 1. working principle of the disc vacuum filter

1. filter tube; 2. filter cake; 3. agitator; 4. filter cake unloading; 5. liquid level

Structure of disc vacuum filter

The structure of the disc vacuum filter is like Figure 2. The filter surface is made up of a disc consisting of a plurality of separate fan-shaped pieces. Each fan-shaped piece is a separate filter unit, and a filter cloth is made into a cloth bag to form a filter chamber on the fan sheet. The sector piece is fixed on the main shaft (hollow shaft) by bolts, which is convenient for dismantlement and replacement of filter cloth. It can even be carried out during the operation of filter, bringing convenience to production and maintenance. Filter disc diameter is 1.7-3.84m, a filter can have 2-15 filter plate, filter area of 9~302 .

disc vacuum filter

Figure 2. Structure of disc vacuum filter

1. filter; 2. main transmission mechanism; 3. agitator; 4. agitator transmission mechanism; 5. blower system

Filtering system of disc vacuum filter

Disc vacuum filters need to form filtration systems together with auxiliary devices. These auxiliary devices include vacuum pumps, liquid drainage devices, air compressors, pipes and so on. Figure 3 is a schematic diagram of filtration system.

Filtering system

Figure 3. Filtering system of disc vacuum filter

 1. vacuum pump; 2. automatic discharge device; 3. disc type vacuum filter; 4. air compressor

Specification of Vacuum filter


      Large filtering area, large capacity.

      Full dehydration.

      Marked technical and economic effect.

      Small area taken, easy to manufacture and strong adsorption ability .

Filter plate immersed in the pulp while in operation produces a surface absorption of filter cake, with the action of capillarity and integrated with vacuum pressure. Filtrate enters distributing valve and drainage tank through filter plate. Filter cake comes out from slime hopper receiving spray washing. Filter cake falls into the tank by the pressure from the wind and scraper.


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