Hydraulic chamber press filter
Hydraulic chamber press filter

Hydraulic chamber press filter is a kind of intermittent solid-liquid separation equipment, it adopts the mechanical and electrical integration design and manufacture, reasonable structure, simple and convenient operation; to achieve the filter plate pressed, pressure maintained, the filter plate loosened. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical industry, metallurgy, standard parts, non-standard screws, dyes, food, brewing, ceramics, oil refining, sewage treatment and other environmental protection industry etc. This press filer is suitable for concentrate filtering, tailings dry stacking and the product particle size reaches -500 mesh. 

Working principle of hydraulic chamber press filter

The cloth tile on the filter plate surface, supported by projection filter plate surface grooves, the filter plate is clamped, the cloth is sealed packing surfaces. The cavity between two adjacent filter plates into a separate filter chamber, filter the suspension by the central inlet into each filter chamber, the filtrate in promoting the feed pressure through the filter cloth fiber gap flow to the filter plate groove surface, flow filter plate together, as shown in figure 1.

Hydraulic chamber press filter

Figure1. working principle of hydraulic chamber press filter

aFiltration process; b) Unloading process; 1.filter plate; 2. Filter cake layer; 3.filer cloth; 4. Suspension; 5. filtrate;6. filter cake

3.Structure of hydraulic chamber press filter

The hydraulic chamber press filter is mainly composed of four processes: filter plate tightening, pressure filtration, mobile head plate and cake unloading, which generally realizes program control and automatic operation. Its structure is shown in Figure 2.

 hydraulic chamber press filter

Figure2. structure of hydraulic chamber press filter

 1.electric control system2. hydraulic system3. Cylinder4. drive system5.head plate6.filter plate7.automatic unloading 8.tail plate

The general advantages of the automatic pressure filter are: the unit filter area is small, the filtration pressure is high, the filter cake moisture content is low, the backwater utilization rate is high, the filtration capacity is large, the structure is simple, and the operation is easy, and the failure is few.

Specification of Hydraulic chamber press filter


      Stable performance.

      High automation, safe and reliable, convenient operation.

      Backwashing operation.

Hydraulic chamber filter press takes filter cloth as the medium to separate solid and liquid. It is a separating machine with wide rang of particle size. The filter cloth spreads in a filter board surface, it is supported by the swelling groove of filter board, when the filter board is clamped, filter cloth turns to sealing materials, and the cavity between every two filter board forms a separated filter room. During the filter processing, the materials come through the central opening into filter room, the filtrate flow by the feeding pressure, flow out of the filter board after converged.


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